AeroTherm in the News

Aerotherm6Aero-therm Innovative Wall Coatings of North America is proud to announce that Aero-therm Exterior has been selected by the National Home Builders Association (NHBA) as a finalist in the Best of the IBS (International Builders Show) Awards.

AeroTherm1"It’s not every day that an opportunity comes along that can add value, income and profit to a business, without the need to make large investments of either, cash or time. However, believe it or not this might just be one of those days!


"AeroTherm is an ultra-thin insulation product which is applied like a plaster to internal walls and ceilings but how easy is it to apply?

aerotherm3"AeroTherm is a revolutionary, new highly reflective 1mm insulation coating which provides an alternative to conventional solid wall insulation methods at half the fully installed cost.